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We love to share the stories of self-employed mums to help provide others with inspiration (and a dose of reality) about juggling a small business with motherhood.

The idea is to get a good balance between promoting what you do, with inspiring other mums from your experience.

To get an idea of the kind of questions we ask, please read through some of our savvy mum’s stories. Here’s a sample of the sort of things we want to know about:

  • How many children you have, and what their ages are
  • What you did work-wise before the business
  • Where the idea for your business venture came from
  • Anyone who inspired you
  • What your typical working day looks like
  • What you love the most about being self-employed
  • What you don’t like about being self-employed
  • Any barriers or adversity you’ve overcome
  • What your advice would be to another mum thinking about becoming self-employed

When you submit your interview you will need to also upload a photo of yourself for inclusion. We may make editorial amendments to your story and not every question asked will feature in published stories.

We generally try to publish articles within six weeks of receiving them. If we decide to run your story we’ll let you know when it’s published. Share your story now.

On the day of publishing we share your interview across our social media networks, and continue sharing on Facebook and Twitter every couple of weeks or so – helping people to find you and ensuring your story has continued visibility. It may also feature in our email newsletter as well as other social media platforms.

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