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Do I really need a business card? This is a common question asked by self-employed mums like you, and the simple answer is, it depends.

If you work solely online, don’t go out to networking meetings/conferences/training events, and you don’t send anything out to customers, then possibly not.

However, a business card is your message to those you meet, your contact details (or not, if you go minimalist), your branding, your logo, your image, your quality, your goods or services. It says “Hi, this is me” which can be a good reminder if that person has spoken to several new people that day.

If you’re forever being asked for your card and have to jot down your details on a scrap of paper then perhaps it’s time to take the plunge and get some business cards made up (because let’s face it, they’re helluva lot nicer than scraps of paper!)

And speaking of nice business cards, our friends at Moo.com* have the best products, from rounded corners to soft touch, square business cards to mini cards. There is something for every idea.

#SMBloves… Moo | Savvy Mums Business

(Image © Moo) Light and Lotus is on a mission to inspire us. From their base in the US, Jessica Sage designs and sells beautiful handmade jewellery. She takes a spiritual approach to her business and believes that the jewellery we wear serves as a symbol to inspire you.

#SMBloves… Moo | Savvy Mums Business

#SMBloves… Moo | Savvy Mums Business

(Image © Moo) Gemma Thompson used social media to create a buzz around her #girlsthattravel topic, which she later turned into a book, but when it came to face-to-face encounters, Gemma used Moo’s Luxe Business Cards – trimming the corners and turning them into luggage tags featuring the ‘Girls that Travel’ logo to make cards (and the concept!) more memorable to gather stories from female solo travellers.


Business cards are great for marketing, especially if you get creative with square cards as mini flyers, or Moo’s mini cards as price tags – the limit to uses really is the limit to your imagination.

Moo offer exceptional quality (if you’ve ever ordered Vistaprint business cards, you’ll cry happy tears at Moo’s lovely stuff), fast turnaround and top-notch customer service. Made a typo? They’ll fix it! They go above and beyond to offer great products and a great service.

If you’ve ever ordered Vistaprint business cards, you’ll cry happy tears at Moo’s lovely stuff Click To Tweet


And no, you don’t need a graphic designer to create your business cards, unless your business is very high end, and you can always outsource this to a designer once your business is creating more income. “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” (to quote Arthur Ashe). Moo have oodles of templates you can choose from, or you can upload your own design if you have one, plus they have loads of inspiration and ideas on their website. Have a go at creating one and see what you think.

We’re delighted to offer you 20% off your first order with Moo* – yey! What’s not to love about a discount? Saves you from scrolling endlessly through Google for a Moo discount code!

Happy business card creating!

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